Thursday, 29 September 2011

Custom Game: Squadron Tower Defence

Squadron Tower Defence is the highest rated custom game on SC2 and for good reason; it's a fun and addictive take on both the tower defence and the tug of war genres. Players in four man teams have to defend against waves of incoming enemies to gain minerals to build towers and upgrade existing ones. At the same time players harvest gas that can be spent on sending units to one of the four players on the enemy team. However to upgrade your gas income you have to use minerals which means that you have less to spend on your defences so you have to choose between being offensive or defensive, which may cost you the game. In a game I played earlier my team went gas heavy and sent a lot of the strongest units against our enemies and we would have won but our defences were too weak to hold our own units and in the end it came down to time.
My units are defending at the top of the screen, the zealots are the attacking wave and the roaches were sent by an enemy.

At the start of the game every player chooses a faction to play with and some settings. The factions each have unique units for you to build and there is 6 ion total to choose from. At the start only a couple of the factions are playable, but as you play the game you earn xp and level up. When you reach the maximum level you are given the chance to prestige which resets your level and lets you build a custom class with units from any of the factions. Settings slightly change the conditions of the games, like by hiding the enemy's scores or by limiting the maximum amount of gas you can have at any one time.

Enemy units that leak have to get past the combined forces of the remaining defenders which are teleported to the centre after defeating their own waves. Next the units have to get through the Security System, which can be upgraded, but when this goes down it's game over. It can be so frustrating when everybody breaks at the same wave and suddenly it's game over.
Here are the units of the people that could defend their own wave being collected together to defend against the enemy units that got past allies.

Overall Squadron Tower Defence is a great game, probably best played with friends, which will keep you interested for hours. The variation in builds and tactics makes each game different enough to keep your attention but the pace of the game also allows you to tab out and browse the internet at the same time. So what are you waiting for go play it now!  

The last line of defence is the Security System and when that dies it's GG.

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