Thursday, 29 September 2011

Terren Placement Matches

So I played my five placement matches last night and everything went better an expected, almost too well. In the past I have played Terren a couple of times but never got all the mechanics and timings down so never did too well. All the replays are linked to at the bottom of the page.

In the first game I played I was up against a Protoss who, after his initial push was stopped, went mass blink stalker. In response I went mass marauder with a couple of marines and siege tanks to support and wow stimmed marauders obliterate stalkers; especially when blinked upon. Before I went in for the killing blow I dropped marines behind both of his mineral lines to soften him up. It was a pretty crushing defeat for him, however it wasn't a great victory as he was obviously inexperience.

Game 1.

The second game was against a Terren so I went gas first to get up a quick factory and transition into heavy mech play. However my initial attack was a four blue flame hellion drop into the enemy's main base crippling his economy and killing all his mass marines. Shortly before he left he said 'gg wp I'm new at this' which broke my heart to know that I crushed a newbie in one of his first games.

Game 2.

Unfortunately I lost the third game to cloak banshees, at the same time I was preparing a hellion drop with banshee support of my own. I had no idea cloak could be researched so quickly and only have four marines against two banshees. I had a chance until my hellion drop was intercepted en route to the enemy base. At that point I threw down a gg and got out of there as quickly as possible. I should have had turrets up in time to deal with this.

Game 3.

My fourth game, also against a Terren, lasted longer than any of my other games as I wanted to try a standard mech macro game. He went MMM with a couple of siege tanks whilst I went hellion tank into marine tank with a couple of thors. Just as my third base got set up I started a mass siege tank push into the natural and then main of my opponents, which he had no answer to. This game showed me how bad my macro as a Terren is and probably would have been over a lot quicker if I had set up more production facilities sooner.

Game 4.

The last of the placement matches was against a platinum random player. At the start of the game my opponent was dropped straight away. This left me in the awkward  position of beating a platinum player and so being placed in a platinum division. I feel woefully unprepared to be in platinum as I got here by beating new players and winning by default, so we'll see where I go from here...

The final result.

Please follow and keep up with my progress.

Placement 1
Placement 2
Placement 3
Placement 4
Placement 5

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