Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Trying Out The Destiny Cloud Fist Build

This week I decided to try out the infamous 1/1/1 build, or as I prefer to call it the Destiny Cloud Fist build, which quite simply involves building one Barracks, one Factory and one Starport before any other production facilities. I chose this build as it has a simple core which allows for a lot of possibilities in the later game. As you have every type of production facility you can tailor what units you make to counter what your opponent is doing and tech switches are very easy to do. This week I faced opponents from Silver to Diamond level and I won 47% of my games. With a bit more practice and experience I think I will be able to use the Destiny Cloud Fist build more effectively but at the moment I still prefer 3 Rax or 2 Factory play.
1 Barracks, 1 Factory and 1 Starport.

The Build
Here is an outline of the build as I tried it.
10 Supply Depot
12 Barracks
13 Refinery(1)
15 Orbital Command
15 Start Marine Production
16 Supply Depot(2)
16 Refinery(2)
19 Factory
24 Starport

I chose this build because it has the versatility to do anything in the late game and it isn't as all in as last weeks 3 Rax build was. It also gave me the chance to try different things against the different races with most tech options unlocked from early on. I found that this build offered less obvious timings than the 3 Rax build so I often ended up not knowing when to attack and when to just sit back and macro. I took the build from the Team Liquid website and it also gave ideas as to what to do against each race, after the core part of the build is done, so I tried to follow those.
Line them up; I love blue flame Hellions.

Against Terran
Versus Terrans I normally went for blue flame Hellion drops then transitioned into either Marine tank or Hellion tank. I only lost against one Terran as this is my best match-up and because this build is pretty similar to what I normally do anyway. Late game TvT I still get a bit unsure of what to do; in the game I lost I was still massing Hellion Siege Tank whilst my opponent was switching to Battlecruiser Viking. I guess Battlecruisers make sense late game as they counter Siege Tanks, Marines and Hellions pretty effectively. I didn't even see it coming; I thought I was on the verge of winning when he brought out six Battlecruisers and a squad of Vikings to defend them.
That o snap moment when you don't have any anti air.

Against Protoss
In my first two games against Protoss I tried to go for early banshees but both times they already had detection and so I was automatically at a disadvantage after not doing any damage. After that I went for bio drops which were much more effective, though I didn't get to try them out too much as I didn't play many Protoss after that. Against Protoss it doesn't seem worth getting units higher in tech than MMM, until Colossus or High Templar are out on the field, so I find the 3 Rax to be more effective than the 1/1/1 build. I don't like using Siege Tanks against Protoss because with blink, charge and the Colossus' huge range a Siege Tank can be killed quite easily.
I often find that Protoss defeat themselves by not knowing when something is too well defended.

Against Zerg
I had a lot of difficulties versus Zerg and this shows by me only winning once. I think that in most of the games I played the Zerg managed to out macro me because I didn't do enough early pressure. I was spending all my moeny on tech so I didn't have enough units out and I always got overwhelmed by Zergling Muta. This build was great because it let me get early Medivacs to drop in the Zerg's base but I found that by the time I did the drops my opponent already had enough defences to clean my units up. In general TvZ is my worst match-up as I always underestimate the effectiveness of Mutas; even when I played as Zerg I rarely used Mutas as I remembered how annoyed by them I was as a Protoss player.
Zerglings, Spines and Queens can shut down blue flame Hellions extremely quickly 

I had an interesting encounter in one of my games against a Diamond Terran player who seemed to want to stay in Diamond and was convinced that I was in Masters. Here's what we said to each other:
Robin: hi gl hf
Opponent: are you master?
Opponent: if you are I will surrender
Robin: nope
Opponent: k
Robin: I shoulda lied
Opponent: are u master? :o
Robin: What are you?
Opponent: are u master :o
Opponent: i am diamond
Robin: no
Opponent: if u said master i would have surrendered
Robin: grandmaster
Opponent: :o
Robin: joke
Opponent: (
Opponent has left the game!
I was speechless when he left and felt a bit bad that he didn't take my joke, though this did make up for me disconnecting a few games before.

With an early second gas this build is great at getting out lots of tech quickly and this is really good if you can surprise your opponent but I think that it takes too long to get out regular units which can leave you very vulnerable. The versatility of the build is definitely it's greatest asset but when I use it I find that I get out macroed too easily and end up too far behind to ever catch up. With last weeks build I won 90% of my games but this week I only won 47%; though in general I was against better players this time round. I think that I will use the 1/1/1 build against Terran as I like doing blue flame Hellion drops and transitioning into Siege Tank Hellion but I'm going to continue to use 3 Rax bio against Protoss and Marine Tank Versus Zerg. I still find Zerg the hardest to deal with so maybe next week I will find a build most suited to dealing with them.
Onwards and upwards.

After playing these games I've gone from rank 46 all the way up to rank 45. Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.

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