Saturday, 1 October 2011

Initial Impressions of Playing Terran

The first thing I noticed about playing Terran was how great it was to have marines; there are few problems in the early game that can't be dealt with with more marines. Early game Zerg and some Protoss armies struggle with anti air but marines counter most early air pressure. Even in the late game marines are an integral part of the Terren army with high DPS when stimmed. In my opinion there is nothing else like the siege tank, which is available rather early on, for locking down an area and making it inaccessible to your opponent. Moving forwards your siege tank lines when you expand means that even if you do lose your expansion the attacker will pay dearly. With the addition of bunkers Terrans can lock down land like no other race can.
Bunkers and siege tanks locking down an expansion.

MULES can be a life saver when your economy has been destroyed and you need to produce enough units just to survive. In my opinion the advantage of MULES is much greater than the early game economic advantage the other two races enjoy. Another unit I found glorious was the blue flame hellion, I wish that I could have used them before the recent patch to nerf the blue flame hellion buff. It was amazing to see how much fear hellions caused in people, even if no kills are made every worker is pulled off the line so mining time is reduced.
A single Hellion takes all of the workers off of the line.

Multi pronged drops weren't as easy to pull off as I was expecting, it takes a lot of micro to ensure that you get at least some  kills. However considering how effective they can be it's worth doing. I noticed that the longer my games the worse my macro became and the larger the pool of excess minerals I had.  In the future I think that I need to build more production facilities, especially when I expand. However the ability to queue up units at buildings means that Terrans can burn through a lot of credits quickly. Also building queues alleviate some of the macro the other races have as you don't have to worry about warp ins or using all your larva. If all else fails you can just make mass marines.
A drop at the expansion after a drop at the main kills all probes.

I'm looking forwards to playing against a Zerg in the future as I didn't get a chance to in my placement matches. I would also like to try out some of the other units I haven't used yet such as the ghost which I plan on exploiting as much as I can against Protoss and maybe in late game Zerg if required. Lastly I'm looking forwards to try playing against platinum players as I'm sure they will have some interesting strategies and this is the highest league I have been in, so it should be a challenge.

Final Thoughts
Having played the other races quite extensively I find Terran to be the most balanced race overall. Their early game units can be used throughout the game for harassing or as the backbone of late game armies. I found it easier to expand as a Zerg because they have map control however expanding as a Terran is less stressful as you can fortify positions heavily, or fly away if that fails. Also most Terran builds unlock the majority of units whereas Protoss is likely to either go robotics or air and Zerg normally don't build all tech structures. Soon I will be trying out crazy strategies in the middle leagues.

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