Sunday, 12 February 2012

Life in the Middle 12/02/2012

It's been a good week with lots of winning and a breakthrough in TvP; bring on Season 6. Last week I promised not to talk about Protoss but I am afraid I am going to have to break that promise. Half the games I played this week were against Protoss, and I've started doing a lot better against them, so it doesn't make sense not to talk about TvP. I also managed to beat my first Diamond Protoss this week, I often beat Diamonds from the other two races, so I was excited about that. This week I played a lot of high Platinums and Diamonds so I am getting back to the top of Platinum and hopefully by time the ladder lock is over I will be ready to proceed.
I don't have anything to say about this I just think it is a neat picture.
I think that my problem with TvP before was that I would rush out Medivacs and concentrate on drops but now I am focusing on getting out a lot of units as quickly as possible with decent upgrades, whilst keeping my resources as low as possible; I realised last week how poor my macro is so I am trying to rectify that. Also I am getting a lot better at splitting and I'm finding the difference in engagements drastic and a lot closer then they used to be. One of the downsides to playing like this is that it is difficult to deal with large numbers of Colossus, but engagements normally start before they build up.
I'm getting a lot better at splitting in preparation of a battle and during.
In TvZ I had been staying at about a 50% win rate but having played a higher proportion of Diamonds this week this has gone way down. Diamonds seem a lot better at holding off early attacks and still macroing heavily behind it allowing them to get higher tech units quickly. I think I need to pick a build to perfect before trying to learn another but at the moment I switch between 2 Rax and a Reactored Hellions when I get frustrated with one build. Hellion openings are more standard but I find it too difficult to reliably do damage against an opponent if they have some Lings and a Spine Crawler. Looking at Drewbie's TvP helped me a lot last week so maybe I will look at his TvZ this week.
Ender here didn't respond to me telling him off for being on the wrong side; damn bugger.
Sometimes confidence is what you need more than anything else; to move out and control your units well no matter what your opponent has. It may be tempting to stay behind your wall but if the opponent knows what they are doing and takes the whole map  they'll be all the more difficult to deal with. I find this especially true versus Zerg who can very easily take a lot of expansions  if you don't have any presence on the map. Not being afraid to move out against Terran as a Terran is also very important for if you don't Siege up the centre of the map they are likely to and with a Xel'Naga Tower that can make them very hard to counter.
I wrote the book on Proxy Stargate when I played Protoss (stole it from MC) you can't use it against me.
I was talking to a friend about football the other day, which I know nothing about, asking what sorts of strategies teams used to beat their enemies to which he looked bemused, insisting they weren't 'enemies' but 'opponents'. Did you know there is only one race in football? How boring! If you enjoyed this article then you can find me on twitter at @RobinTerran or follow the blog from the pane to the right. Thank you for reading. Check out my review of Puzzlejuice and come back soon for a review of Resident Evil: Revelations.

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