Wednesday, 8 February 2012

App Review: Puzzlejuice

Puzzlejuice claims that it will “punch your brain in the face” and this is no empty threat.  Basically Puzzlejuice is a combination of Tetris with a word search; you have to place falling blocks, formed of coloured squares, to complete rows which reveals letter. By drawing your finger across consecutive letters you spell words to clear squares and to score points. Each square also has a colour and matching three colours together allows you to turn them into letters.
Carefully place the blocks, reveal letters and make words.
Confused? You should be, but there is more. Multiple game modes, power-ups and objectives add to the complexity and provides more reasons for you to keep playing this game. The challenge comes from managing the falling blocks, whilst searching for words, and turning colours into more letters. Puzzlejuice only falls short on a few points that prevent it from being truly great. There are no customisation options to change the falling block speed or to play without colours, which would have been nice additions. Also, when trying to spell a word it sometimes moves the falling block instead, this can be very frustrating and ruin a game, but is more an inherent problem with the medium rather than specific to Puzzlejuice.
Different game modes, in game power-ups and challenging objectives are a great addition.
Overall, Puzzlejuice is a brilliant time-sync, despite its few drawbacks, that offers great value for money.

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